VertiCrop: Convert Parkades into Eco-Farms ?

Local Produce for Global Markets

We watched on the TV the launching of the first VertiCrop in Vancouver, and want to share it with you.

VertiCrop™ provides a cost effective solution for local crop production with significant operating cost savings over traditional field agriculture. This patent pending technology represents a paradigm shift in farming and food production by providing up to 20 times the yield of field crops, while using a mere 8% of the water required for land farming. Growing leafy green vegetables in a unique, suspended tray configuration on a moving conveyor system, VertiCrop™ provides maximum exposure to light (either natural or artificial), along with precisely measured nutrients for each plant. Designed to grow in closed loop and controlled environments, VertiCrop™ eliminates the need for harmful herbicides and pesticides, while maximizing food taste and nutrition.

North America’s first ever  VertiCrop™ farm is built  on the roof of a parkade in the heart of downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

VertiCrop Installation, by Alterrus Systems Inc,

VertiCrop Installation, by Alterrus Systems Inc,

The VertiCrop™ Advantage

Designed to grow in any climate and with an exceptionally small footprint in urban environments, VertiCrop™ uses a fraction of the resources needed for field agriculture, while generating substantially higher yields.

  • Yields are approximately 20 times higher than the normal production volume of field crops
  • VertiCrop™ requires only 8% of the normal water consumption used to irrigate field crops
  • Works on non-arable lands and close to major markets or urban centres
  • Does not require the use of harmful herbicides or pesticides
  • Able to grow over 80 varieties of leafy green vegetables
  • Significant operating and capital cost savings over field agriculture
  • Significantly reduces transportation distance, thereby reducing cost, energy and carbon foot print
  • Provides higher quality produce with greater nutritional value and a longer shelf life
  • High levels of food safety due to the enclosed growing process
  • Scalable from small to very large food production operations

Local Is Fresher and Better

So what’s local round these parts? Think delicate Qualicum Bay scallops; Hazelmere heirloom tomatoes; sun-ripened Okanagan peaches, Saltspring Island goat cheese; deep water spot prawns; nugget potatoes from Pemberton; sweet Chilliwack corn; artisan bakeries; blueberry honey, free-range eggs; organic meat; world-class wine – the abundance of local food in British Columbia reads like a gourmet menu. I mean it could be!

But taste, good health and variety aside, there are many benefits to eating food sourced from a 100 mile radius of where you live. Perhaps the most important is the health of our planet. Especially when you consider the typical North American meal travels 1,500 miles to reach your dinner plate.

The Local Garden is providing fresh food from the VertiCrop installation. Congratulations for this complete economical business model! and innovative technology. We wish it could benefit for numerous vancouverites.


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