Difusores sobre Dos Ruedas

La Une du journalThe Sur la Route du Patrimoine continues in 2014!

After some stays and resting days during the end of 2013, we are heading to the South, well to Cuba, first. Soon, many other articles…

Before that, we have still many things to discover and share about the beautiful heritage of Mexico. We had the opportunity to be part of the heading page of the Yucatecan daily newspaper El Diario de Yucatán on January 29th, 2014. A very nice article! Thank you for their sharing!

El articulo!

El articulo!

You can read it here or below in english.

« For 10 months, Rui Miguel Costa and David Gasc have been crossing the American continent. It is not a simple adventure to discover the territory, but a journey with a specific purpose : to promote the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage.

They want to create links between organizations dealing with these issues, make a platform with information about the reality in these areas in each country, and form a network to enhance connexions between NGOs and socially responsible companies in order to enable them to realize their sustainable projects .

On March 20th, 2013 Miguel and David , from Portugal and France, respectively, began the journey on bicycle in Vancouver , Canada. They plan to get to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina , but the most important is not the final destination but the route in itself.

Their objective is to gather information , contact and meet the local people where they arrive in a place to get into their culture , and talk with members of civil society organizations that are concerned with projects of biodiversity preservation.

On Wednesday, they arrived in Merida and today will continue their journey. They will go through Izamal and Valladolid, and from there to Cancun , where they continue the journey through Central America.

These two cyclists are part of the NGO Responsabilité Sans Frontières (Responsibility Without Borders) and their adventurous mission aims to share projects of alternative, responsible and sustainable tourism, or what they call « slow tourism « , the opposite of mass tourism, beginning from their way of transportation by bicycle.

Fifteen states in México

During the last five months, they have visited 15 states of Mexico, which allows them to see that it is a very diverse country, where important changes are noted not only in the environment but also in the way of thinking of the people .

At the cultural level, they found a great diversity, and something that surprised them is the hospitality of the Mexicans. Through networks that exist on the Internet , like  » Warm Showers » , which put together cyclist travelers like them, and « Couch Surfing » , open to all, they establish connexions with local people who provide them accommodation in the place they visit, or, give advises to get a local and genuine experience of the site.

When they do not find someone to be host with, they go to a hotel that meets standards of environmental compliance, if possible.

Sometimes, at night, they arrive in a house asking permission to sleep in the garden, and are always surprised by the kindness of people, without knowing them, that open their house or  invite them to share dinner.

« My house is your house »: it is what we have heard and learnt here in México!

Iris Ceballos Alvarado – Diario de Yucatan


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