Compartir nuestra experiencia del « Slow Turismo »

Thanks to the kind invitation of Pr. Javier Hirose, On the Heritage Route stopped for a while in the beautiful town of Valladolid, Yucatan, México. We shared, during almost 2 hours, our unique experience of México and of « slow tourism » with students in BSc of « tourism development ».

With the bicycles!

With the bicycles!

We talked about our project, its goals and expected results about responsible tourism. Then, we shared ideas about this concept, the slow tourism, our experience of the Mayan culture here in the peninsula of Yucatan, our feeling about México and its touristic potentials. It was very interesting to share with all these future tourism providers here in the peninsula, also to share ideas with members of the Mayan community living here close to Valladolid. Its sounds difficult for them to conciliate economic development through tourism and preservation of their Mayan culture and traditions. Also, they could be attracted to move to the Mayan Riviera, with its model of mass tourism, where money seems to be drowned faster and more easily. From our point fo view, it is really worst preserving and recovering the impressive cultural and natural heritage of Mayas that is still alive, for themselves and their community members, but also for « adventurous » tourists like we are Miguel and I. But that is easier to say it than doing it.

Presentation in the UNO, Valladolid, México, 5 de febrero 2014

Presentation in the UNO, Valladolid, México, 5 de febrero 2014

Many touristic options are developed throughout the peninsula, with high damage on the environment and cultural diversity. It is time to develop new alternatives that conciliate a sober but efficient economical profitability of various small-scale tourism businesses, acting as collaborators altogether instead of as competitors, and promotion of the authentic heritage.

Thanks a lot to all the students that share with us!

Y « Buena suerte » for them to contribute actively to the preservation of what they come from, for the great pleasure of « slow tourists ».

Miguel y David


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