Cycling through 40 Mexico’s World Heritages and Wonders

The Heritage Route (Sur la Route du Patrimoine) Project aims to promote the protection of natural and cultural heritages, as well raise awareness of their fragility. That is why we try to follow sites recognised by the UNESCO as remarkable pieces of the world heritage.

So far, we’ve visited 16 World Heritage sites (UNESCO) out of 36 during our journey in Mexico. Moreover, our paths passed through more than 10 amazing Biosphere Reserve included in the UNESCO’s programme « Man and Biosphere », which foster conservation of natural areas and its associated human heritage. In addition, we encountered 2 traditions of Mexico recognized as immaterial world heritage.

Here below you could have a brief view of the natural and cultural wonders of beautiful Mexico. You should visit and take care of it.

This is all about Mexico! And we did not see everything after 6 months, thanksfully!


Also, we pointed out many threats to this notable and diverse heritage, particularly :

  1. Lack of awareness of Mexicans about the richness of their natural and cultural heritage, and its fragility. It has dramatic consequences in the contamination of the environment with garbage in many many places, especially plastics.

  2. Lack of coordination, collaboration in the development of local project, involving all stakeholders since the beginning, so as to keep alive traditions, biodiversity.

  3. Privatization of national heritage (hotels, industries like mining, logging, real agencies, etc) due to a lack of power and support of public authorities.

  4. Corruption in the different layers of power, preventing project efforts and labeled funds from reaching the target of protection of the environment in general, and allowing illegal trades of species, illegal habitat destruction. Hazla de tos Mexicanos!

  5. Climate change


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