Twenty countries all along the American Continent, more than 30,000 kilometers by bicycle to promote local initiatives that reconciliate development and conservation of natural and cultural heritages. Several study cases from which we can learn how to be more responsible in our daily life!

Which Cause?

Considering the widespread phenomenon of globalization, the factors of standardization and homogenization of heritages, particularly from mass tourism, but in parallel, the existence of many local and concrete sustainable alternatives …

The association « Responsabilité Sans Frontières » (Responsibility without borders) was founded in 2012 given the goal to promote or enhance sustainable strategies that contribute to the preservation of the cultural diversity and the biodiversity, and more specifically promote and enhance:

  • about social responsibility and sustainable development;
  • sustainable tourism patterns;
  • international exchanges and cooperation.

Entrada de la posada

Our Mission

The expedition « On the Heritage Route » (« Sur la Route du Patrimoine »), the first project of the association, will concretely start on March 20th, 2013 from Vancouver, Canada. The aim of the project is to alert the world public for the endangered world heritage by raising awareness and by the application of the concept of social responsibility as a vehicle for promoting sustainable development and tourism.

During more than three years, David visited 20 countries of the American continent after more than 30,000 km on the road. He highlighted, on one hand, the reality of Social Responsibility through the analysis of initiatives carried out by organizations and enterprises and, on the other hand, local alternatives of responsible tourism that prevent major damages on remarkable heritage, cultural or natural.

This « Slow » mission is both militant, solidarity and responsible, on a voluntary base as it is carried on a non-profit action. Moreover, it is charitable since 10% of the raised funds will be distributed to outstanding local projects (this last point is not completed so far because of the small amount of contributions).

The awareness of the general public and businesses about social and environmental aspects of development is implemented all along the mission and the opportunities.



Deliverables will be promoted through various media (internet, print, radio, conferences) and through established networks.

For more information, please visit have a look on :



3 réflexions sur “Mission

  1. Jean-Pierre dit :

    alleez hop!!! courage les gars!
    attention, en VTT, vélib ou vélo, le coup de la panne d’essence ne marche pas 😉
    à bientôt de vous suivre…

  2. Nat and Kathryn Heyward dit :

    So fun meeting you both. Hope you made it to SF ok. Thanks for sending us this site. Now we will watch your progress and send encouragement!

  3. stepphane guay dit :

    arrêter de perdre votre temps à cambria à charger vos bidules et aller pédaler, vous avez une grosse journée qui vous attends.

    Les amis québécois juste derrières vous

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