Recovering Co-Existence of Meliponas Bees and Mayas

Stephane Plamieri, a French emigrant in Mexico, lives his dream life in Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico. He is working his fingers to the bone and with passion to recover the meliponas bees tradition in the Mayan communities. The Heritage Route crossed his path in his lovely hotel Don Diego de la Selva to know more about this heritage piece for Mayan and others.

The Melipona bee is the symbol of the wisdom of the Mayans. They were living together for more than 3000 years, feeding each other. Deforestation and loss of interest in their honey were the major threats that caused the destruction of 80% of meliponas population up to less than 1000 colonies in Quintana Roo. Lire la suite

Sustainability as a Way of Life

The Heritage Route’s Team visited examples of how to live daily in a sustainable way. Indeed, by living, eating, behaving in an eco-friendly way, in respect of traditions and believes, you can contribute concretely to the preservation of natural resources and cultural heritages. In some words, live responsibly!

Permaculture As a Way of Life

Let’s introduce you the beautiful Permaculture Centre Luum Ayni located near Valladolid, in the Mayan community village of Chichimila, Yucatan, Mexico. Thanks to Cesar and Lisa, we had this chance to discover and touch shortly (5 days) the big world of permaculture.  Lire la suite

Hospitality in Central America

If there is one thing we can learn by crossing Central America is the hospitality of people. Yes, this is incredible how they want to inform you (even if they do not know the answer), help or host you.

After Mexico, this is the case also in Guatemala. Despite the atmosphere of insecurity in the country, making people scared of neighbours, foreigners, most of the people will help you.
This is particularly the case with firemen. When we have trouble or no plan to sleep for the night, we go to ask at the fire station, and til now, 100% open to receive our two big bikes and our sweating faces.
A balance after feeling bad by riding our bicycle through the country where we witnessed so many incivilities and disrespect…
Nothing is black or white, you see!

Here is a video with original music when we arrived at the fire station yesterday

RSF source

In Live Destruction of Coastal Ecosystems by Mass Tourism: Take a Stand Against!

As we are following the Caribbean coast of central America, along the « Riviera Maya » in Mexico and now in Belize, we are sadly surprised by the quantity of big and ugly infrastructures for tourism purposes. Placencia Peninsula, Belize, here we are.

This is a long white sand peninsula, originally surrounded by beautiful mangroves, healthy biodiversity, terrestrial and marine. Now, it is turned into a succession of resorts, getting bigger and bigger, luxurious or midrange. The traditional village Seine Bight of Garifuna people (descendants of African slaves and Caribbean indigenous) is now encircled by Maya beach and Placencia urban developments. Between, we can see in live the newest developments: drastic natural habitat removal for grading, drainage of wetlands, landscaping using excavators, bulldozers… Lire la suite


Cycling through 40 Mexico’s World Heritages and Wonders

The Heritage Route (Sur la Route du Patrimoine) Project aims to promote the protection of natural and cultural heritages, as well raise awareness of their fragility. That is why we try to follow sites recognised by the UNESCO as remarkable pieces of the world heritage.

So far, we’ve visited 16 World Heritage sites (UNESCO) out of 36 during our journey in Mexico. Moreover, our paths passed through more than 10 amazing Biosphere Reserve included in the UNESCO’s programme « Man and Biosphere », which foster conservation of natural areas and its associated human heritage. In addition, we encountered 2 traditions of Mexico recognized as immaterial world heritage. Lire la suite

Compartir Experiencias del « Turismo Responsable » con Estudiantes de Quintana Roo del Sur

Gracias a la amable invitación de la Dra . Bonnie Lucía Campos Cámara , En la Ruta del Patrimonio paso por la Universidad de Quintana Roo, Chetumal, Quintana Roo, México. Compartimos durante casi 2 horas nuestra experiencia especial de México y del « turismo responsable y lento » con los estudiantes de licenciatura en turismo.
Universidad de Quintana Roo, Chetumal

Universidad de Quintana Roo, Chetumal

Hablamos de nuestro proyecto, sus objetivos y los resultados esperados sobre el turismo responsable. Luego , compartimos ideas sobre este concepto , el turismo lento (relacionado con el concepto del movimiento internacional Slow Food), nuestra experiencia de la cultura maya aquí en la península de Yucatán, nuestro punto de visto y perspectiva sobre México y sus potencialidades turísticas. Fue muy interesante compartir esto con todos estos futuros proveedores de turismo aquí en la península, especialmente en este momento en que el Sur del estado de Quintana Roo se trata de promover intencionalmente la zona como un destino alternativo al turismo de masa.

Parece difícil conciliar el desarrollo económico a través del turismo y la preservación del medio ambiente como del patrimonio cultural. Pero vale realmente la pena para un desarrollo común y compartido de la zona, como lo de las generaciones futuras. Lire la suite