¡Azuluna Ecolodge! Modelo de gestion socio ambiental

¿Quién ha dicho que no es posible emprender un negocio con justicia social??

Azuluna Ecolodge, miembro de la Asociación Ecuatoriana de Ecoturismo, es un ejemplo en donde a más de generar una rentabilidad económica también lo está haciendo a nivel ambiental y social.
El manejo de su gestión económica conjuga criterios de economía social y solidaria. Se está apoyando al desarrollo de la economía local, a través de prácticas de comercio justo Lire la suite


Low-key Eco-Center del « Corazon del Bosque »

I had the opportunity to spend two incredible nights in the heart of the forest. It was so quiet and relaxing, beyond the loud sound of the Panamerican highway.

Once upon a time…

With the President of the Cooperative Sr. Miguel Angel  Cochoy

With the President of the Cooperative Sr. Miguel Angel Cochoy

In the 70’s, the poor community of Santa Lucia Utitlan (4 cantons) welcomed the Father Arturo, coming from the US. Looking at the poverty and illiteracy, he pushed for the creation of a farming and multiservice cooperative Santa Lucia in 1973 to buy land, develop wheat and potato cultivation, and operate a bus transit to the nearer village college. Then, the community could count on its own professionals: agronomist, foresters, accountant, administrative officer…
From the Father’s idea, began a huge project of cuniculture, that reached to employ 500 people and export rabbit meat in all the country. Because of a bad milionary investment, all sank as quick as it appears, obliging to sell lands. At that time began the civil war. Father Arturo left Guatemala after 20 years and collectivism wasn’t a good idea because of communism.
The cooperative Sta Lucia shut down and a new one was established « La Guadalupana » with its sister the Association « La Guadalupana ». Their objective was to recover land for agricultural purpose, with the donations of its associates. Lire la suite

The Stanford Inn: Experience the Sustainability as a Big Picture

Maybe one of our most comfy stay of the trip so far. After some long days of cycling without giving you lots of news, we are back!

Searching for some sustainable tourism examples  in California, the Sur la Route du Patrimoine Projet’s Team read and heard about the Stanford Inn – by the sea, located in the lovely neighbourhood of the archetypal North-American village of Mendocino, Mendocino County, California. We have heard that the Mendocino County is very slow, organic-food oriented and more generally very conscious and committed to a good quality of life. Did you know that the Mendocino County is the only part in the USA where it is illegal to grow GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)? Lire la suite

#Eco-Housing in the Trees Is Possible

From a Dream to the Reality

Jamie, the nephew of Rosey and Tom Cowan, welcomed us while we were finally reaching the Free Spirit Spheres after a long first day of cycling in the Vancouver Island.

Twenty years ago, Tom, an innovative engineer, had a dream to contribute actively to the preservation of pristine forests and to reconnect people to the Nature. Then the Sphere became real. Tom invented and manufactured them, the first 7 years ago in this forest included in the Qualicum First nations territory, close to Qualicum Beach, north of Nanaimo. There are now 3 Spheres balancing on ropes between trees.

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