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Vancouver, Cycling Paradise

Vancouver downtown

Vancouver downtown

One of the most convenient and affordable ways to get around town, and to experience our unforgettable scenery, is by bike. We were really astonished by the numbers of cyclists in Vancouver, who do not seem to be afraid of the wet wet weather.

It is easy here to ride your bike on almost all Vancouver streets, and the City has an extensive network of designated bike routes to help you get around. The City’s updated Transportation Plan will set the bar even higher for making bike routes even more comfortable and convenient for people of all ages and abilities.


Not only does the City offer separated bicycle lanes in good shape, but also it provides lots of racks and corrals to park your bike in almost all locations, lots of paths for bikes in the parks !  And most of all, drivers are careful with cyclists. I love it!

I was personally really surprised because my last experience in Marseilles, France, was terrible about riding my bike in the city to commute to work. Very few and non-separated lanes, crazy car drivers, etc. I was almost playing with my life every day. And also, despite the ever-sunny weather in Marseilles, most of the people prefer to take the car to do 1km! That is why Marseilles was one of the most problematic European cities with traffic jam… A matter of education and culture!

Let’s hope that we will meet many other cycling-friendly cities during our journey! Maybe we will in the western coast of US but after that, it should be harder!