Corcovado’s Biodiversity Hotspot

After reading travel forums, remembering about documentaries on Nature, the National park of Corcovado was one of my « Must Visit » destination in Costa Rica. Despite its relative difficult access, I went there to enjoy its unique wildlife for few days.

History of the Park

In 1930, the United Fruit Company left the Atlantic lands and moved to the Pacific plantations. At the same year was discovered the gold in Peninsula de Osa. Both event brought the migration to the zone. Subsistence economy passed to be commercial economy, and because of the increment of the population, the deforestation for the opening of farms and the exploitation inside the Park through the oreros was increased. Lire la suite

A Good Example of Ecotouristic Center: Las Guacamayas

South-East of Chiapas is full of « Eco » places but very few really develop standards of sustainability and responsibility. Hopefully, THE HERITAGE ROUTE did another long detour close to the Guatemala’s border and visited the Ecotouristic Center « Las Guacamayas », near the Biosphere Reserve of Montes Azules (BRMA). A very inspiring and relaxing experience of responsible tourism…

Las Guacamayas is one of the few projects in Chiapas where environmental protection, social development and tourism activities have a real interaction. Where the word « Eco » has real meaning and materializes into action, and where the community engagement, passion and its long-term vision are particularly noteworthy. This is one of the reasons why the Sur la Route du Patrimoine’s Team went there. Lire la suite