Territorio guaraní. Fin del siglo 17, llegada de los jesuitas para evangelizar a los nativos. Después del primer rechazo de los locales, ambos eligieron de cohabitar, de convivir en reducciones. Pocos remanentes de las reducciones jesuiticas-guaranies permacen hasta hoy. Son consideradas como un modelo de integración cultural (entre la cultura indígena guaraní y la cultura occidental europea) y de vida comunitaria auto-sustentable. Lire la suite


The Source Newspaper Talks about the Project, Vancouver

It is with pleasure that we share with you the latest article about the project just released in ‘The Source » magazine, in French, for the French speaking community in British Columbia, Canada.

The Source Mag – Forum of Diversity since 1999 – encourages the development of alternative ideas and ways of thinking. With ease The Source plays a leadership role within Vancouver’s complex intercultural communication network, as nowhere else in the world can you find a city more inclined to experiment with the idea of multicultural harmony.

Genuine in its wish to assist communities, whose origins are often wildly different, to understand and communicate with one another, The Source actively participates and sponsors major events throughout the city.

Naturally, the Project team’s Sur la Route du Patrimoine met Ms. Julie Hauville, Editor of the newspaper, to introduce and promote the cross-continental initiative.

You’ll find the full article here enclosed : Source Mag #vol13no17. For other articles, please refer to the dedicated Press page.

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