Its power and ferocity have always impressed the population of all America, creating a confused mixture of fear, respect and veneration. The Jaguar (Panthera onca), the largest feline in America, is suffering from several threats, reducing its population to few individuals. In Argentina, its territory is limited to three corners on its northern borderline, with no more than 200 animals. This is the southern edge the jaguar’s range in America. The Jaguar Project “Proyecto Yaguareté” is developed in collaboration between Argentina and Brazil with the aim to protect the last individuals of the king of the jungle. (Para español, miren este articulo). Lire la suite



Su poderio y ferocidad impresionaron desde siempre a los pueblos de toda América, creando una confusa mezcla detemor, respeto y veneracion. El yaguareté (Panthera onca), el felino mas grande de América esta padeciendo de varias amenazas, reduciendo su poblacion a pocos individuos. En Argentina, esta limitado a tres rincones fronterizos al norte, con no mas de 200 individuos. El « Proyecto Yaguareté » desarrollado en cooperacion entre Argentina y Brasil intenta salvaguardar los ultimos exemplares del rey de la selva. Lire la suite

Jaguar Conservation and Protected Areas: Notable Project of Belize Audubon Society

Once more, we did not have chance to see many animals in this very rich in biodiversity protected area of Belize. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is part of the Meso-American biocorridor running from Mexico to Panama.
Belize (government and NGOs) tackles environment conservation as a national priority, with an extensive protected areas system, co-management operations and very motivated and skilled teams. The Belize Audubon Society, a renowned conservation organization, welcomed us and organize our amazing stay in Cockscomb. During two nights (entrance fee 10$/person, camping 20$/night/person), we really felt like sleeping in the middle of the rainforest, surrounded by animal noises. That was magic! Good to know that natural and easily accessible paradises still exist on Earth.

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The Biosphere Reserve of Calakmul: Diversity Protected by The Jungle

A detour really worst to do for The Heritage Route. Our bicycle drove us till the Calakmul natural sanctuary, very close to the Guatemalan and Quintana Roo mexican state borders.

The Biosphere Reserve of Calakmul is the largest continuous forest area in the Mexican tropics. It spans a surface area of 723.185 hectares of the only high humid jungles in the Yucatan Peninsula. Due to its inaccessibility, scarcity of water and poor soil for agriculture, Calakmul has been preserved as one of the least deforested regions in the Peninsula.

corridors-zuidamerika_1Bordering protected forested areas in Quintana Roo, the Guatemalan Peten and Belize makes the area of Calakmul extremely important because of its diversity of flora and fauna and the conservation of species that need large areas for their living requirements, like the puma, the jaguar, and various migrating species. The region makes up part of the Mesoamerican Biological corridor which allows movement in both directions between the North of the Yucatan Peninsula and the sub humid and humid climates to the South of the Mesoamerican region. We will try to know more about the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor during our journey in Central America. Lire la suite