Adventure Outdoors to Experience Authentic Niracagua

Nicaragua is still a well-preserved destination from mass tourism, compared to its direct neighbour Costa Rica.
For Nature and outdoors lovers as I am, I was dreaming about a new opportunity to experience in a different way the Nicaragua’s rich wildlife and ecosystems. The country of volcanoes and lakes as we call it has a lot to share.

Here is a piece of my idea to develop a new responsible tourism product. This would combine cultural and sport travel product that could both support local small-scale economy and feed adventure tourists’ expectations. Lire la suite


A Stunning Experience of Central America (part 2)

Pictures from my journey in Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama) from April 15th to  July 1st, 2014


Visiting Nicaragua Like a Slothful Tourist!

Perezoso2In Leon, beautiful colonial city of Nicaragua, I’ve met the « El Perezoso: Agencia de turismo responsable » (The Sloth: Responsible Tourism Agency). Since the beginning, I liked the name that was linked for me to the idea of slow tourism, like « The Sloth » do to visit in the night trees. An interesting newly-opened tourism business in Nicaragua that I wanted to introduce to you!

The Sloth is developing a new way of discovering Nicaragua by experiencing the nature and traditions in a sustainable way. They provide experiential tours that include activities in direct contact with local communities and the natural heritage of Nicaragua. In return, participation of local communities in tourist packages will improve their living conditions by creating new incomes or strengthen them. Lire la suite