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Dear friend, member, sponsor,
This message gives you some insights of our main achievements so far, just before entering in Belize, our 5th country. Travelling by bicycle is really a great human adventure by its rhythm and facilitating contacts with local people. It is also clean, which is consistent with our project and philosophy. An adventure of a lifetime! This is an opportunity to share our accomplishments after a year spent on the bicycle.

At the entrance of the Headquarters in Ventura

At the entrance of the Headquarters in Ventura

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

World Heritage (UNESCO)
Collecte des oeufs pour les amener en chambre d'incubation

Collecte des oeufs pour les amener en chambre d’incubation

Heritage conservation projects

Responsible Tourism
Presentation en una universidad de Yucatan

Presentation en una universidad de Yucatan

Your comments and support along with from people whom we’ve being met make us more and more inspired and motivated. We wish our communication and direct involvement of Responsabilité Sans Frontières’ team will push outstanding projects of protection of the environment and cultural diversity, carried out by women and men passionated, part of non-profit organizations or companies.

Sharing experiences as we do could be even more effective if you could help us spreading the message  by sharing on your social networks on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, emails… (and your comments we will be highly appreciated!). A little reminder for those who do not dare to read posts in our blog mainly in English that there is a translation tool by clicking on the flag (French or other) in column on the right of the blog, just click on it !
Our website site has been updates and re-looked. Take a look !
Last but not least, we launched a fundraising campaign: ici. If by chance you want to support us financially in this voluntary and altruistic adventure, thanks a lot!
Looking forward to reading from your comments.

David & Miguel