Last Untouched Lands Protection in El Salvador – Not Impossible for SalvaNatura!

The smallest but also the most densely populated country in Central America with 330 inhabitants per km ², El Salvador territory faces the gradual erosion of biodiversity and its natural habitats. Given the lack of involvement of government institutions more concerned by the development of the coffee and the tourism industries, a handful of men and women committed to maintain and protect the 3% of the territory still occupied by natural areas. Here I will present some of the activities of the SalvaNATURA organization in the Impossible National Park.
The Impossible National Park is located in the Department of Ahuachapán, southwest of El Salvador, Central America, specifically in the western end of the UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve Sierra Apaneca-Llamatepec and next to the Ruta de las Flores, between the cities of Ataco, Tacuba and San Francisco Menendez. « Impossible »??? Interesting to check out what is going on this special rainforest, one of the last remnant untouched ecosystem of the over-populated El Salvador.
Despite my contact with SalvaNATURA in advance to organize my arrival, it was pretty complicated to reach the remote area. It is located between the top of the mountains and the coastal plain, between 250 to 1.425 meters. The road leading to public areas of the park is coming from Sonsonate and going towards the border with Guatemala’s Hachadura (this last was where I came from with my bicycle). The main entrance is in the sector of San Benito, after 13km of very (very) steep dirt road.
IMPOSSIBLE by bicycle for sure!  I had to take the slow bus to climb the mountain and arrive in the night at the Park entrance, just enough energy to open my tent in the wild campground, alone!

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