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Idle No More, Giving Voice to First Nations Rights

Vancouver Idle No More Protest

Vancouver Idle No More Protest

Since our arrival, we discovered with surprise the numerous protests in the street in downtown Vancouver. People wore colourful traditionnal costumes. At that time, we did not realize the meaning of the « Idle No More » words written in all slogans.

But we knew that First Nations Rights was a « hot » conversational topic with the people here. I remember when I traveled to Australia, it was the same there with the Aboriginals. I didn’t understand very well the origin of the silent conflict.

As usually, conflicts appear when we reduce reality with stereotypes and charicatures. On one hand, First Nations were the first, so they could claim at least for the same rights as the « colonizors » have, especially when it’s about the protection of their living territories. On the other hand, cons blame First Nations-related stuff because they believe that aboriginals misuse the money they receive from the Federal government and use for getting drunk. Stereotypes, I told you! Lire la suite