Adventure Outdoors to Experience Authentic Niracagua

Nicaragua is still a well-preserved destination from mass tourism, compared to its direct neighbour Costa Rica.
For Nature and outdoors lovers as I am, I was dreaming about a new opportunity to experience in a different way the Nicaragua’s rich wildlife and ecosystems. The country of volcanoes and lakes as we call it has a lot to share.

Here is a piece of my idea to develop a new responsible tourism product. This would combine cultural and sport travel product that could both support local small-scale economy and feed adventure tourists’ expectations. Lire la suite


Be a Responsible Tourist with the Tienda de Experiencias Local

Incorporating sustainable characteristics into tourism and put them into practice is not an easy topic. Even harder when tourism aims to benefit to the environment and the local communities, and to think about and mitigate its negative impacts. The Tienda de Experiencias Local, in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, tackled very well the challenge to be a responsible tourism ambassador. And as the Heritage Route passed by San Cristobal de las Casas, we had to meet them to share their experience.

The Tienda de Experiencias Local (Local Experience Shop) is developing a new way of discovering Mexico by experiencing the nature and traditions in a sustainable way. As they provide experiential tours that include activities in direct contact with local communities and the natural heritage of Mexico in a positive and responsible way.

”We create sustainable travel experiences that transform destinations”

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