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In Live Destruction of Coastal Ecosystems by Mass Tourism: Take a Stand Against!

As we are following the Caribbean coast of central America, along the « Riviera Maya » in Mexico and now in Belize, we are sadly surprised by the quantity of big and ugly infrastructures for tourism purposes. Placencia Peninsula, Belize, here we are.

This is a long white sand peninsula, originally surrounded by beautiful mangroves, healthy biodiversity, terrestrial and marine. Now, it is turned into a succession of resorts, getting bigger and bigger, luxurious or midrange. The traditional village Seine Bight of Garifuna people (descendants of African slaves and Caribbean indigenous) is now encircled by Maya beach and Placencia urban developments. Between, we can see in live the newest developments: drastic natural habitat removal for grading, drainage of wetlands, landscaping using excavators, bulldozers… Lire la suite