Who Are We


David GASC is a 35-years-old French Agronomist. David started his early career in sustainable development in rural areas, first on the behalf of public institutions (regional nature parks, local development agencies), then of an association of international cooperation working to protect the forest ecosystems of Mediterranean. Now, he is an Expert in natural resources management and Project Management, with international experiences. He is particularly experienced in transnational cooperation and fund-raising to negotiate, initiate and promote sustainable action.

Recently, he has taken the plunge to realize his dream and co-founded the NGO « Responsabilité Sans Frontières » whose objective is to contribute to the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage through the promotion of CSR and Sustainable Development good practices.

Rui Miguel COSTA is a Portuguese Economist, specialized in international and intercultural business and marketing. As a multilingual expert in the development of trade relations, he is particularly interested in sustainable businesses.  He contributed to the project by analysing and sharing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) good practices but is now dedicated to other purposes.

An an non-profit organization, the action plan is supported by different means among which Members. The Members are important to comment and reorientate if needed the action of the association. The membership is based on a financial contribution. The project has been supported by 45 Members and count on more than 1200 followers in its Facebook page Sur la Route du Patrimoine, Twitter and Instagram.


5 réflexions sur “Who Are We

  1. Lauren dit :

    Hola David! Le conocí en Puyo en Marzo. Soy de los EEUU y estuve trabajando en Puyo por unos mese cuando conocimos. Ahora estoy trabajando con una comunidad en Intag Ecuador que quiere empezar una programa de ecoturismo. Me gustaria hablar con usted sobre el turismo sostenable con que trabaja usted. Buen viaje!!

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